Olympic order in artistic gymnastics

The term Olympic Order in the sport of Artistic Gymnastics refers to the sequence in which a gymnast performs from one apparatus to another in a competition. Male gymnasts have 6 apparatuses in Olympic Order. Female gymnasts have 4 apparatuses in Olympic Order. For male gymnasts, the Olympic Order is as follows: 1) Floor Exercise 2) Pommel horse 3) Still Rings 4) Vault 5) Parallel bars 6) Horizontal or high barFor female gymnasts, the Olympic Order is as follows: 1) Vault 2) Uneven Bars 3) Balance Beam 4) Floor ExerciseOlympic Order occurs in a circular format, i.e. in an all-around competition where there are 24 competitors, there might be 4 competitors on each apparatus in the first rotation. In the second rotation, each group of 4 gymnasts progress to the next apparatus. Male Gymnast 'A' might start on Vault in the first rotation, then progress to Parallel bars in the second rotation, to Horizontal bar in the 3rd rotation, then circle around to Floor on the 4th rotation and end on Rings in the last rotation. Male Gymnast 'Q' might start on Floor in the first rotation, and then logically progress to Horizontal bar in the last (6th) rotation in an all-around competition.

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