Nookazon () is a fan-made website that allows players of the 2020 video game Animal Crossing: New Horizons to trade and sell items in-game using their services. The website is named after Amazon although it more closely resembles Craigslist and eBay. The website allows users to discover other players selling a specific in-game item and buy the item for a set price, or make an offer. In addition to in-game items such as furniture, fruit and clothing, the website accommodates for trading "villagers" (in-game inhabitants), which comprise a large part of Animal Crossing's gameplay. The name "Nookazon" is a portmanteau of Tom Nook, one of New Horizons's main characters, and Amazon. The website was developed to be an alternative to the unorganised trading system of the original Animal Crossing: New Horizons Discord server. It surged in popularity after Daniel Luu posted a TikTok about it. The website was the centre of controversy after the Black Lives Matter protests. The website now includes an app.

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