Aliya Mustafina

Aliya Farkhatovna Mustafina (Russian: Алия Фархатовна Мустафина [ɐlʲɪˈja fɐrˈxatəvnə mʊˈstafʲɪnə]; Tatar: Алия Фәрһәт кызы Мостафина; born 30 September 1994) is a Russian artistic gymnast. She is the 2010 all-around world champion, the 2013 European all around champion, the 2012 and 2016 Olympic uneven bars champion, and a seven-time Olympic medalist. At the 2012 Summer Olympics, Mustafina won four medals, making her the most decorated gymnast of the competition and the most decorated athlete in any sport except swimming. At the 2016 Summer Olympics, she became the first female gymnast since Simona Amânar in 2000 to win an all-around medal in two consecutive Olympics, and the first since Svetlana Khorkina (also in 2000) to defend her title in an Olympic apparatus final. With seven Olympic medals, Mustafina is tied with Khorkina for the most won by a Russian gymnast (not including Soviets). She was the ninth gymnast to win medals on every event at the World Championships. She is often considered one of the most successful female artistic gymnasts of all time.

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