West Germanic languages

West Germanic
Originally between the Rhine, Alps, Elbe, and North Sea; today worldwide
Linguistic classificationIndo-European
ISO 639-5gmw
Linguasphere52-AB & 52-AC
Germanic languages in Europe.png
Extent of Germanic languages in present day Europe

North Germanic languages


West Germanic languages

Dots indicate areas where multilingualism is common.

The West Germanic languages constitute the largest of the three branches of the Germanic family of languages (the others being the North Germanic and the extinct East Germanic languages).

The three most prevalent West Germanic languages are English, German, and Dutch. The language family also includes Afrikaans (which is a daughter language of Dutch), Yiddish, Luxembourgish, Frisian and Scots. Additionally, several creoles, patois, and pidgins are based on Dutch, English, and German, as they were each languages of colonial empires.

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