Coromandel Coast

Coordinates: 13°22′00″N 80°20′00″E / 13.3667°N 80.3333°E / 13.3667; 80.3333

A 1735 French Map of the Coromandel coast

The Coromandel Coast is the southeastern coastal region of the Indian subcontinent, bounded by the Utkal Plains to the north, the Bay of Bengal to the east, the Kaveri delta to the south, and the Eastern Ghats to the west, extending over an area of about 22,800 square kilometres.[1] Its definition can also include the northwestern coast of the island of Ceylon (Sri Lanka).[citation needed] The coast has an average elevation of 80 metres and is backed by the Eastern Ghats, a chain of low lying and flat-topped hills.

In historical Muslim sources from the 12th century onward, the Coromandel Coast was called Maʿbar.[2]

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