Tumbling (gymnastics)

Jordan Ramos tumbling gymnastics champion.jpg
Jordan Ramos in the British Tumbling Championships
Highest governing bodyInternational Gymnastics Federation
Team membersIndividuals or teams of 3 or 4
Mixed genderNo
TypeGymnastic sport
Country or regionWorldwide
Olympic1932 only
World Games1981

Tumbling, sometimes referred to as power tumbling, is a gymnastics discipline in which participants perform a series of acrobatic skills down a 25 metres (82 ft) long sprung track. Each series, known as a pass, comprises eight elements in which the athlete jumps, twists and flips placing only their hands and feet on the track. Tumblers are judged on the difficulty and form of their routine. There are both individual and team competitions in the sport.[1]

Tumbling can also refer more generally to similar acrobatic skills performed on their own or in other gymnastics events, such as in floor exercises or on the balance beam.[2]

Tumbling is governed by the FIG, the International Federation of Gymnastics, and is included as an event within trampoline gymnastics. Although tumbling is not currently an Olympic event, elite tumblers competing at the international level can compete in various events organised by the FIG as well as at the World Games.

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