List of Coronet Films

This is an alphabetical list of major titles produced by Coronet Films, a leading educational film company from the 1940s through 1990s (when it merged with Phoenix Learning Group, Inc.). The majority of these films were initially available in the 16mm film format. The company started offering VHS videocassette versions in 1979 in addition to films, before making the transition to strictly videos around 1986.

For space reasons, only a very select number of independently produced films that Coronet merely distributed, including many TV and British productions acquired for 16mm release within the United States, are included here. One example is a popular series, "World Cultures & Youth", which was actually produced in Canada, but with some backing by Coronet. Also included are those Centron Corporation titles released when Coronet owned them, although their back catalogue of films made earlier were reissued under the Coronet banner.

It was quite common for a film to be re-released as a "2nd edition" with only minor changes in the edit and a different soundtrack, with music and narration styles changed to fit the changing times. This was especially true in the 1970s, when classrooms demanded more stimulating cinematic lectures. Quite often, only the newest edition of a film is available today. Those titles involving more serious edit changes or actual re-filming are listed as separate titles. In most cases, additional information is provided in the "year / copyright date" column.

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