Gymnastics at the 2020 Summer Olympics

at the Games of the XXXII Olympiad
VenueAriake Gymnastics Centre
Dates24 July – 8 August 2021
No. of events18
Competitors324 (114 men, 210 women from 0 nations
← 2016
2024 →

Gymnastics at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo will be held in three categories: artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics and trampolining. All gymnastics events will be staged at the Olympic Gymnastic Centre, Tokyo in 2021.

The programme for 2020 remains unchanged from 2016, despite an application from the FIG for the admission of a new parkour based event. The application had proved contentious with specialist parkour or freerunning organisations lobbying for the sport not to be included, and to be recognized as an entirely separate sport from gymnastics.[1]

Originally planned as a temporary venue, in 2016 the Tokyo 2020 authorities confirmed the Olympic Gymnastic Centre would become a permanent venue, functioning as a convention centre after the Games. Prior to its refurbishment, the venue is also expected to host the Boccia event at the 2020 Summer Paralympics.[2]

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