Gymnastics at the 1992 Summer Olympics

at the Games of the XXV Olympiad
VenuePalau Sant Jordi (artistic)
Palau dels Esports de Barcelona (rhythmic)
Dates26 July – 8 August 1992
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At the 1992 Summer Olympics, two different gymnastics were contested: artistic gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics. The artistic gymnastics events were held at the Palau Sant Jordi from July 26 through August 2. The rhythmic gymnastics event were held at the Palau dels Esports de Barcelona from August 6 through 8th.[1]

In artistic gymnastics, the New Life rule was introduced at the Olympic Games. Under this rule, a gymnast's scores in the compulsory and optional rounds were not carried over to the all-around and apparatus finals. A gymnast's final standing in both the all-around and apparatus finals was based solely on the scores received by the gymnast during those competitions.

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