Type of site
Social networking service
OwnerH.I.G. Capital
Created byRandy Conrads
LaunchedNovember 17, 1995; 26 years ago (1995-11-17)[1] (as Classmates Online, Inc.) is a social networking service. It was founded on November 17, 1995 by Randy Conrads as Classmates Online, Inc.[2]

It originally sought to help users find class members and colleagues from kindergarten, primary school, high school, college, workplaces, and the U.S. military. In 2010, CEO Mark Goldston described the transition of the website "to increasingly focus on nostalgic content" such as "high school yearbooks, movie trailers, music tracks, and photographic images". To this end, and to appeal more to older users, the website name was changed to Memory Lane, which included a website redesign.[3] This change was short-lived, however. Classmates dropped the Memory Lane brand in 2011.

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