Caid (sport)

Caid (Irish pronunciation: [kadʲ]) are various ancient and traditional Irish football games. "Caid" is now used by people in some parts of Ireland[where?] to refer to modern Gaelic football.

The word caid originally referred to the ball which was used. It was made out of animal skin, with a natural bladder inside.

Caid is believed[by whom?] to have influenced the modern sport of Gaelic football the rules of which were officially published in 1887 and is now organised and governed by the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) as an amateur sport.

There is some evidence[citation needed] that caid was taken around the world by the Irish diaspora, and some historians[who?] argue that it may have also played some part in the origins of Australian rules football, although such a relationship is controversial and the subject of debate.

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