2021 Japanese general election

2021 Japanese general election

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All 465 seats to the House of Representatives of Japan
233 seats needed for a majority
Opinion polls
  Fumio Kishida 2021 (cropped).jpg Yukio Edano In front of Tenjin Twin Building (2020.10.18) (cropped).jpg Natsuo Yamaguchi.jpg
Leader Fumio Kishida Yukio Edano Natsuo Yamaguchi
Party Liberal Democratic Constitutional Democratic Komeito
Leader since 29 September 2021 11 September 2020[a] 8 September 2009
Leader's seat Hiroshima-1st Saitama-5th Not contesting
Last election 290 seats, 33.28% 55 seats, 19.88% 29 seats, 12.51%
Current seats 276 113 29
Seats needed Steady Increase123 Increase204

  Kazuo Shii in SL Square in 2017.jpg Ichiro Matsui Ishin IMG 5775 20130713 cropped.jpg Yuichiro Tamaki IMG 5649-1 20160903 (cropped).jpg
Leader Kazuo Shii Ichirō Matsui
Toranosuke Katayama
Yuichiro Tamaki
Party Communist Ishin Democratic for the People
Leader since 24 November 2000 2 November 2015 18 December 2020
Leader's seat Minami-Kantō PR Not contesting
(Mayor of Osaka)
Last election 12 seats, 7.90% 11 seats, 6.07% New party[b]
Current seats 12 10 7
Seats needed Increase221 Increase223 Increase226

  Mizuho Fukushima.jpg Tachibana takashi at shinkoiwa station.png Taro Yamamoto 202006 (cropped).jpg
Leader Mizuho Fukushima Takashi Tachibana Tarō Yamamoto
Party Social Democratic NHK Party Reiwa Shinsengumi
Leader since 22 February 2020 17 June 2013 1 April 2019
Leader's seat Not contesting
Not contesting
(Not in office)
Not contesting
(Not in office)
Last election 2 seats, 1.69% 0 seats, 0.00% New party
Current seats 1 1 1
Seats needed Increase232 Increase232 Increase232

Japan Districts of the House of Representatives map.svg
Parliamentary districts and regional party-list proportional blocks

Incumbent Prime Minister

Fumio Kishida
Liberal Democratic

The 49th general election of members of the House of Representatives (Japanese: 第49回衆議院議員総選挙, Hepburn: dai-yonjūkyūkai Shūgiin giin sōsenkyo) is scheduled on 31 October 2021,[1] as required by the Constitution of Japan. Voting will take place in all Representatives constituencies of Japan including proportional blocks, in order to appoint Members of Diet to seats in the House of Representatives, the lower house of the National Diet of Japan. As the cabinet has to resign after a general House of Representatives election in the first post-election Diet session (Constitution, Article 70), the lower house election will also lead to a new designation election of the Prime Minister in the Diet, and the appointment of a new cabinet (even if the same ministers are re-appointed). It will be the first general election in the Reiwa era, marking the end of the nine-year Shinzo Abe era and a controversial Suga Cabinet.
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